Library Collections

The Queanbeyan Public Library was established in 1945 and was originally located in what is now the Visitor Information Centre at 1 Farrer Place. The Library has now settled into its own dedicated building at 6 Rutledge Street . 




The Library prides itself on having something for everyone who walks through its doors. With diverse collections that cater for toddlers, children, teenagers, youth and adults. It is a place for reading , recreation, learning, discovery and information. You can enjoy fiction books and magazines , relax with DVDs or music, keep up to date with newspapers and free internet access, or pursue a wide range of study, personal interests and hobbies through the large non-fiction resources. 

The special collections at the Library provide books, magazines and DVDs for people who speak or want to learn other languages, a wide range of travel books, and large print and talking books for people with visual and hearing difficulties.

The local history collection aims to tell the many stories of Queanbeyan’s rich and diverse history with a full set of the Queanbeyan Age dating back to 1860, a wide selection of history books and historic photographs providing a window into the past, as well as the original research documents of noted local historian Bert Sheedy.